This site is full of all the information you could possibly want about Wittenberg University's Crop Walk. Periodically here on the home page will be updates on what the Crop Walk Committee has been working on including the meeting minutes and other walk information as it becomes available. Click the pages below for more information about our walk.


Hey Wittenberg,
Buckle your seatbelts because Crop Walk 2013 is coming full speed ahead!!
The walk will be taking place on Sunday, September 22 with registration at 1:30 and the walk starting at 2!
Stay updated on everything crop walk related here and on facebook!
And if you want to get MORE involved, email me or Alyssa Hughes (see "Who to Contact" tab) and find out how YOU can be a bigger part of crop walk.

-crop so hard!-

Final Crop Meeting 10-1-12

  • It went great!
  • Raised over $1000, way better than last year
  • What did we think?
    • Tables were great
    • Procrastination Station a little hectic, main issue was the re-registering when decided to donate
    • RHA was awesome, legit snacks
    • Awesome entertainment
    • Not enough med and small t-shirts
    • Like the blog
    • We think the meetings were really productive
    • Maybe for registration table have a clear and informative trifold
    • Job chairs were good, no one too stressed
    • waiting on one more envelope before we know the presidential dinner winner
    • Send thank yous!
    • Shoes for safety please
    • We are talked about all over the state, we are THE college walk in the state
    • Maybe have pre-walk activities
    • Much more organized than we have in than before

Meeting Minutes 9-24-12

  • President Joyner will be holding a dinner for the highest money raisers
  • No hunger meal after chapel
  • T-Shirts
    • ordered, we will have them by Friday
    • Newman Club and Rotary are sponsoring them
  •  RHA
    • have people to help with tables
    • be set up by 2:15
  •  Day of the Walk
    • Chalking at 11
    • Meet at stage at 1pm
    • Check-in starts at 1:30, there will be people at each table
    • Stamp hands of people who donate
  •  Lost envelope- highlight name

Meeting Minutes 9-17-12

Accomplishments since last meeting were discussed

  • Olivia
    • has made contact with President Joyner, she will do the dinner for the highest raising people
    • told RHA about the location for refreshment table
  • Melissa
    • Slight changes in musical entertainment
  • Liza
    • Some spots still open for doing sign-ups
    • Passed around sheet again
    • when doing sign-ups: will have instructions, make sure you pull people over
  • Sidetrack-> luxury dinner for after chapel on Thursday
    • cancelled due to large amount of effort for something that might not have enough (or any) effect
  • Sara
    • email the club presidents about sponsors, Newman Club is donating $50, other clubs are still in progress of figuring out what or how much is being donating
    • talk to any organization that you are in about donating
  • Amarra
    • Went to Berner's with T-Shirt design
    • Needs to know by this Thursday what exactly is going on the shirts
    • Sara will e-mail the final list of who is donating (for the backs of the shirts) by Wednesday night
  • Amanda
    • speaking on Thursday
    • will be keeping in contact with Dr. Rosenberg to keep him reminded
    • having paper with facts about hunger at tables
  • Tiffany
    • attempting to get more past crop photos with Emily 
    • will be adding what x amount of money can buy what
  • Kearstin
    • the new flyers are in
    • the banner is up
    • making trail mix as soon as the meeting is over
    • when and who people are sitting in Hollenbeck
      • Tuesday 9- whenever we run out : Kearstin
    • the pictures were transferred!
  • Then we made and packaged trail mix

Meeting Minutes 9-10-12

Updates on each project were given
  • Kearstin
    • hung up posters EVERYWHERE
    • making trail mix next week (during meeting time)
    • Pastor Rachel is buying supplies
  • Amarra
    • has designs for shirts
    • found out that we are not getting any funds from Build A Better Wittenberg for T-Shirts
    • OPTIONS: walkers buying t-shirts, buttons, sponsors for the shirts (sponsor names on the back)
    • DECISION: looking for sponsors for the t-shirts, Tiffany will contact advancement about local businesses sponsoring t-shirts, Sara will contact campus clubs about sponsoring
  • Liza
    • made an awesome sign up sheet for people to work the tables
    • booked the tables for pre-registration
  • Sara
    • has emailed every president of every student organization
  • Melissa
    • booked entertainment for the prewalk
    • booked the stage, lawn, and alumni way area for the walk
  • Emily
    • sent the letter to the City of Springfield
    • map will be the same as last year
  • Alyssa
    • contacted Meredith, her house will be the refreshment stop
  • Tiffany
    • the Wittenberg Crop Walk site is up! (p.s. you are on it)
  • Amanda
    • Booked speakers for chapel hours
    • Dr. Rosenberg will be speaking Tuesday, September 25th about world hunger.
    • Amanda will be speaking Thursday, September 20th about local hunger, and there will be the "Luxury Meal" following her chapel hour.
  • Nick Kiger, the regional director for CROP that works with colleges, is going to be contacted to see if he would like to speak the day of the walk.
  • Olivia
    • RHA is still in to provide refreshments
    • President Joyner has not yet responded, initiating other means of contact
Liza closed in prayer.

Meeting Minutes 9-3-12

  • Assignments from Last Week were discussed
    • Sara (Association Chair) contacted Jon Duraj about contacting all student organizations, will be making up the email to send out to said organizations, and it was decided to contact Springfield churches and similar organizations to integrate them into the walk.
    • Olivia (Presidential Liaison) contacted the president of RHA about providing refreshments and received conformation of their support. She is also in the process of contacting President Joyner.
    • Melissa (Walk Program Chair) is in the process of contacting Cathy Kuss and possible performers for during registration.
    • Emily (Planning Chair) updated the letter to the City of Springfield and is currently working on the route map.
    • Amarra (T-Shirt Chair) contacted Build A Better Wittenberg about funds for the t-shirts and will know when the hearing is by Wednesday.
    • Tiffany (Online Chair) checked the official crop website and then was given the ok to create a separate blog for crop.
    • Amanda (Education Chair) met with Pastor Rachel to familiarize herself with the details of Crop Walk. She determined the speakers for the two chapel hours about crop walk. Dr, Rosenberg and herself (after being asked by Pastor Rachel) will be speaking in chapel on October 20th and 25th.
    • Alyssa (Co-President) is in the process about contacting a Wittenberg Alumni about her house being out refreshment stop point.
  • The possibility of having a "luxury meal" after Amanda speaking in chapel containing only rice, fruit, water, and beans was discussed. It will be done in a "potluck" style.
  • The meeting was closed in prayer led by Pastor Rachel.

Meeting Minutes 8-27-12

  • Introductions
  • Meeting Time Established - 9:30 on Mondays in the Chapel Activities Room
  • Chairs were affirmed
  • A discussion about a prize for the top 10 money raisers was discussed
  • The stop for refreshments was discussed
  • T-Shirts - how to distribute and award them was discussed
  • Sign Up Dates were set : September 19th - 26th in the Student Center
  • Assignments were given for next week
  • The meeting was closed in prayer